Friday, November 14, 2014


Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained exclusive footage of the false arrest of Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers that shows poorly trained Mount Vernon police officers in action.

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, Rivers was filming a traffic stop on Sandford Blvd in Mount Vernon.  Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed that he began filming the stop because he witnessed the car detained for an extended amount of time.  Rivers also said that he filmed the incident because of the recent shooting by disgraced P.O. Sgt. Marcucilli, a rogue police officer that has cost Mount Vernon taxpayers close to $1M in lawsuit settlements due to police misconduct and police brutality. 

Rivers also revealed to Mount Vernon Exposed has been investigating allegations of misconduct by Mount Vernon police officers for the past 5 years and will be releasing video in the coming days that  will show the Mount Vernon Police Department has a pattern and practice of violating department policy . 

While filming, P.O. Greene abruptly stops what he is doing and arrests Mr. Rivers without warning and for no apparent reason only stating he was arresting Mr. Rivers for "harassing a police officer”.   Mr. Rivers simply asked the police officers why they were not wearing their hats when the Mount Vernon Police Departmental manual instructs them to do so while outside of their vehicles.  The manual specifically states:



Regulation Police hat with eight (8) points; blue piping with black adjustable hatband. Worn with M.V.P.D. Police Officer silver hat shield indicating shield number. Cap may be removed while in Department vehicle while on R.M.P. duty, but must be worn squarely on head when not in vehicle.

A. Optional Uniform Hat for summer wear is the same as above except with open blue cane band for ventilation.

B. Optional Faux Fur Trooper Cap, with cap device mounted in the front. Color black or navy blue, quilted insulated linings, fold down flaps.

Mount Vernon Exposed later learned that P.O. Greene is probationary officer, which means he can be fired within 18 months for not performing his job properly and without interference from the Mount Vernon P.B.A.  P.O. Greene should be relieved of his job duties immediately because he already shown that he is a huge liability to Mount Vernon taxpayers.

The video also shows that white police officers have trouble communicating with the black community.  Officers were seen on video telling the crowd recording the incident to "Get the fuck out the street" and not answering questions from concerned onlookers in a humane and respectable manner.

Rivers could be heard telling the probationary officer to call a Sergeant or supervisor to the scene because Rivers knew he was being arrested illegally.  The officer ignored Rivers repeated calls for a supervisor to come to the scene.  Instead, the probationary officer takes command of the scene while more experienced officers looked on and assisted the probationary officer with making the illegal arrest.

In the video when the supervisor finally does arrive on the scene, the probationary officer continues to do as he pleases and even goes so far as to yank Mr. Rivers with excessive force in the back of the police car while in handcuffs.   Throughout this entire ordeal, the probationary officer does not confer with his superior.

Nothing short of termination is the appropriate disciplinary action for this police officer. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


In just a few short hours, Ernie Davis and comrades will pull off the heist of the century via the LED lighting contract to replace 4,400 streetlights throughout the City of Mount Vernon. 

A complaint was filed with the U.S. Attorney regarding the Request for Proposal to replace all of the streetlights in the City of Mount Vernon.

Former DPW Commissioner Terrance Horton an Mayor Davis have teamed up and rigged the Request for Proposal so that it is awarded to Horton's sham vocational program or through another contractor of their choosing. 

The request for proposal was never advertised legally in the newspaper so companies outside the world of Ernie Davis would see it.  Federal investigators should invest in renting space in City Hall until Ernie Davis is sent to jail because Ernie and his minions are determined to loot Mount Vernon dry.

For starters, the Request for Proposal specifically states that no proposer may contact City personnel regarding the proposal.  Not only did Terrance Horton violate this provision of the RFP, Mr. Horton had a gala celebrating the awarding of the contract before the RFP period even concluded.  City Councilmembers Yuhanna Edwards, Marcus Griffith, and Roberta Apuzzo were also in attendance.

What is even more troubling is that Davis, Horton, and Griffith went to Korea to meet with a company that they promised business to regarding the street light conversion.  That smells fishy.  How can Mayor promise a company business and why would a company promise to invest millions opening up a LED factory in Mount Vernon if they weren't guaranteed the contract?  How can Mount Vernon officials mandate that a proposer purchase from a specific manufacturer?

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Horton and his attorneys personally drafted then RFP then handed it to the City for distribution to the public.  The RFP is tailored in such a way that only Horton's company or those picked by Davis would be awarded the contract.

The F.B.I. must put Ernie under the microscope like never before he bankrupts the City of Mount Vernon.  The F.B.I. should also look at all of the vendors who were emailed RFP and start looking into their relationships with criminal Mayor Davis and their business practices.  We can be certain that they will find something for sure. 

To be continued.............

Saturday, October 25, 2014



Convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis is under fire again as his micro managing "I think I know it all" style of governing has caught up with him and is sure to cost Mount Vernon taxpayers another million dollars.  Ferguson, Missouri is now here in Mount Vernon, NY.

Sgt. Michael Marcucilli, a known racist, who has cost the City of Mount Vernon taxpayers over $930K in police brutality and excessive force lawsuits, gunned down a black man at 158 Stevens Avenue.  A total of nine shots were fired, with 7 shots hitting the victim at close range.

Unconfirmed reports state that the 7 shots that hit the victim that Mount Vernon Police officers are now trying to classify as an "emotionally disturbed person",  came from Sgt. Marcucilli's weapon.  The other officer involved in the shooting was Officer Briley, a highly decorated African American officer highly respected in the community and by his peers.  Briley was described as a "stand up" guy by staff at the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

A press conference was held yesterday in the Mayor's conference room.  Mount Vernon Exposed was in attendance after a tip was received that Mayor Davis and top brass were attempting to cover the shooting, which seems to mirror the horrific murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, a retired Marine and Correction officer gunned downed by White Plains police officers.  Chamberlain was also classified as "emotionally disturbed" by White Plains police officers. 

Due to the inconsistency of facts surrounding the shooting, The United States Department of Justice must intervene and get to the bottom of this.  Corruption runs rampant in the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

Sgt. Marcucilli was sued and found guilty by several juries for excessive force, beating a 12-year boy in the head with a metal baton, using racial slurs, and even broker the arm of a fellow police officers brother. 

Former Mayor Clinton Young and former Police Commissioner Carl Bell had Sgt. Marcucilli placed on desk duty for almost 4 years because he was deemed a danger to the community.  Marcucilli also allegedly called a black woman a "Nigger" during traffic stop and told the woman that he wished it were 200 years ago so he could really teach her a lesson. 

Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that Sgt. Marcucilli being placed back on the street was just another example of Mayor Davis and his pay-to-Play politics style.  A cash campaign donor of Mayor Davis, who is also Italian like Marcucilli, asked Davis to put Marcucilli back on the street and Davis followed through on the promise, putting his own self interest above those of the residents of the City of Mount Vernon.  That same Italian "cash donor" was also the one that was instrumental in getting Marcucilli hired.  

Why is a police officer that calls black woman in Mount Vernon "Nigger" allowed to work in the City of Mount Vernon? Sgt. Marcucilli beat a 12-year-old African American so severe; he required stiches and staples to close the gaping wound on his head.

Captain Adinaro, during the press conference was unprepared and not ready for the line of questioning from Mount Vernon Exposed.  Capt. Adinaro refused to give the name the name of the officers involved in the shooting, however Mount Vernon Exposed learned the identities of the shooters within 3 minutes of when the shooting occurred. Why would Adinaro would think he could keep such information private in a city so small like Mount Vernon?  

Adinaro was quick to try to paint the suspect as a career criminal stating that he had four previous run-ins with Mount Vernon Police officers.  Capt. Adinaro also stated that it was known that the victim of the shooting had mental illness issues.  If MVPD officials knew this, why wasn't extra effort made to help the victim instead of having a racist Sgt. pump 7 bullets into the victim?

Capt.. Adinaro also admitted to the public that Sgt. Marcucilli was not trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons.  Adinaro stated that Mount Vernon Police officers do indeed have rubber bullets and beanbags, but could not answer why they were not used instead of using lethal force. 

Adinaro also made a statement that "We All" are trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons, but a few police officers interviewed by Mount Vernon Exposed, said that the ESU (Emergency Services Unit) are in fact the only ones trained to deal with emotionally disturbed persons. 

Mayor Davis and Capt. Adinaro also refused to answer questions as to why Sgt. Marcucilli was placed back on the street just saying that Sgt. Marcucilli was found to be legitimate and cleared to go back on the street without saying which body or authority cleared him to go back on the street. 

It is clear the Mayor Davis has no control over the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon Police Department and things are likely to get worse before they get better in the City of Mount Vernon.          

Thursday, October 16, 2014




Criminal Convict Mayor Ernie Davis has put his own selfish needs above the taxpayers he was elected to serve by refusing to step down after pleading guilty to (2) Federal tax crimes. 

In just a few short months, Mayor Davis will be hauled off to jail for as many as 6 months, but as few as 0 months depending on Davis' level of cooperation with Federal authorities. 

Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee 1st Vice Chairman Serepher Halevi has been implicated in breaking the law in Mount Vernon by doing work on a site she has selected for a new day care facility located at 50 E. Sandford Blvd. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis, a close friend and political ally of Halevi, gave permission to Halevi to start work without a building permit, even through Davis had full knowledge that Halevi did not file plans with the Mount Vernon Building Department. 

One insider close to Davis, told Mount Vernon Exposed that there are "tens of dozens" of projects being worked throughout the City of Mount Vernon that the buildings department has no knowledge of and that Davis personally reviews the architectural plans and gives the go ahead to start construction without obtaining necessary said permits.   

The City Charter only grants authority to the building commissioner to issue building permits. 

Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed that a complaint was filed with the Department of Buildings for the illegal work being done at 50 E. Sandford Blvd.  According to the source, Mount Vernon Building officials did a site visit yesterday and confirmed that illegal work was in fact being done.  As a result, a "STOP WORK" order and a violation were issued for the illegal work.

The property at 50 E. Sandford Blvd is owned by One West 125th Street, LLC, an entity controlled by New York State Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills.  Judge Donna Mills was censured by the Commission for Judicial Conduct for driving her Rolls Royce while drunk and for playing the race card.  Judge Mills told investigators that she was pulled over because she was "black". The property was purchased by Judge Milles’s organization for $800,000 in 2008.   

Davis' continues to display arrogant behavior on a daily basis.  Davis has instructed his regime to "continue business as usual".  Unfortunately, taxpayers will ultimately be the one footing the bill for Davis' corruption via declining property values, high taxes, and record levels of violent crime. 

Davis' has given his blessing that "Mount Vernon is Open for Business".  Word on the street to contractors, that it ok to start construction projects and do massive interior renovations in Mount Vernon without required building permits and paying building permit fees. 

To be continued..................