Sunday, January 25, 2015



Three women have come forward and have told Mount Vernon Exposed that embattled Mayor Ernie Davis sexually groped them.  Mayor Davis was recently convicted in Federal ccourt for tax evasion.  Mayor Davis defiantly remains in office, although the Mount Vernon City charter calls for his immediate resignation following his guilty plea.

Two of the woman told Mount Vernon Exposed that they had scheduled appointments with Mayor Davis to meet him in his office on issues of their concern.  Both women told Mount Vernon Exposed that during the meeting, they felt uncomfortable because Mayor Davis kept making sexual comments to the woman. 

The woman told Mount Vernon Exposed that they brushed off Mayor Davis' comments as pure malarkey and didn't think anything of it.  Both women told Mount Vernon Exposed that they were surprised that a man of Mayor Davis' age was still actively pursuing woman. 

Both women told Mount Vernon Exposed that as the meeting was being adjourned, Mayor Davis said, "Give me a hug" .  The women then said Mayor Davis grabbed them on their buttocks.  One woman told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis said ": Let me see what you have back there".  

A third woman told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Davis was alone with her at an undisclosed location in the City of Mount Vernon.  The woman said that while alone with Davis in a room, Mayor Davis grabbed her buttocks and kissed her on her lips.  The woman said that Mayor Davis used to call her at all times of the night seeking to meet up with her.  The woman said she rejected Mayor Davis' advances towards her.

All three women told Mount Vernon Exposed that they didn’t report this to the
authorities because they were embarrassed to speak about the incident the feared they wouldn't be taken seriously. 

All three women said that they did not consent to Mayor Davis' sexual advances and forcible touching. 


Friday, January 9, 2015



The Walker Ponzi Scheme

Comptroller Maureen Walker is running a Ponzi type tax scheme, to foreclose on tax delinquent grandmothers, while turning a blind eye to City Officials who owe property taxes. This is how her scheme works: Ernie Davis, Maureen Walker, and Councilpersons, Marcus Griffith, Yuhanna Edwards, and Roberta Apuzzo, jack up city taxes to force the elderly out of their homes. Then, Davis, Walker, and the three Councilpersons, sell the properties to developers, and give ally and property tax delinquent, Terrance Horton a piece of the action.  They then proceed to build low income and senior citizen housing to house the displaced seniors. These properties pay no taxes, so the schooling and other services needed by the new residents, are then picked up by the overtaxed citizens of Mt Vernon. Taxes go up further and more grandmothers are thrown out in the street and the scheme continues.

To make things worse, Maureen Walker turned a blind eye to many high-level city officials who were chronically delinquent in paying their taxes. Included in her favoritism is tax delinquent Mayor Ernie Davis. The Journal News just reported that developer and former DPW Commissioner Terrance Horton owes $107,000 in taxes dating back 4 years for two properties. Ironically, Maureen Walker just executed a foreclosure on Shari Harris, a city hall employee. Comptroller Walker felt it necessary to publish an October 30, 2014 Journal News article to inform the public that Ms. Harris was being foreclosed by the city for her tax debt. Money owed to Sharri Harris by the City of Mount Vernon was purposely withheld by Maureen Walker causing hardship to her, and eventually lead to her tax problem. 

Comptroller Maureen Walker has a personal vendetta against Shari Harris and used her press connections to embarrass Ms. Harris while at the same time Comptroller Walker refused to use the press to inform the public about the many financial crimes happening in Mount Vernon. Walker also hid the tax delinquency of Terrance Horton, as well as many other high level officials. Maureen Walker has joined in on the looting of Mountt Vernon and has remained silent while taxes have increased 35% in the last three years? Maureen Walker even so far as to add unnecessary raises for workers in her office. Despite the outcry from financial strapped taxpayers, Walker turned her back on them and kept it in the bloated budget. There are over 500 homes in tax foreclosure, and only homeowners who play ball with Comptroller Walker will be spared from a city takeover of their properties.  Mount Vernon is ready to collapse financially, and the only time we hear from Mount Vernon’s financial watchdog, is when she is settling a personal score.

Maureen Walker is looking for the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee nomination for Mayor, and has sold her soul to get it. Walker is playing nice with party leaders, but sources report that if she becomes Mayor, she would immediately pull the plug on Reggie Lafayette, who her Husband Robert hates with a passion.

Maureen Walker must resign. She is not doing her job, and is the financial Captain of a sinking ship. Mount Vernon is in need of a complete political overhaul, and Maureen Walker should step down.  The only thing worse than Comptroller Maureen Walker, would be a Mayor Maureen Walker.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Shady Businessman Terrence Horton

Convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis continues to show that he has no regard for Mount Vernon taxpayers and is continuing his criminal ways that landed him in hot water in the first place. 

Mayor Davis is a greedy, egotistical scoundrel who will stop at nothing to line his and his associates' pockets.  Mayor Davis' latest act of corruption occurred when he influenced members of his corrupt regime to appoint Terrence Horton as the master developer for revitalizing the Third Street corridor.

While Horton was DPW Commissioner, it is common knowledge that he shook down and extorted businesses on a regular basis.  Horton also made sure that his nephews were appointed to cushy DPW jobs permanently while friends of Horton's nephew are still to this day working in seasonal positions even though they were on the job before Horton's nephews.  How is that for nepotism?

Horton has created a sham organization, Sentinel Construction, to give the appearance that he is training youngsters in the City of Mount Vernon for construction jobs.  Horton has no certifications whatsoever with New York State to offer training to these individuals. 

Convicted Criminal
Mayor Ernie Davis
Mayor Davis, in collusion with Terrence Horton and other corrupt city officials, rigged the bid for LED Street lighting so that Horton's sham operation would be the beneficiary.  Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that a complaint was filed with the U.S. Attorney's office asking for an investigation into Horton and the contract rigged by Ernie Davis and his corrupt regime.  Sources also informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that Mayor Davis appointed Horton because millions of dollars in kickbacks are set to go back to Mayor Davis through Sentinel Construction and other companies controlled by Horton. 

Horton should go to jail too along with Mayor Davis.  Mount Vernon can no longer afford these corrupt individuals.  Mount Vernonites must stop Terrence Horton and Sentinel Construction from taking off the ground.  If this happens, Mount Vernon will become like the City of Detroit; BANKRUPT...


Monday, January 5, 2015


On Friday January 2, 2015 Mayor Ernie Davis ensured that corruption and the money train would continue to move long after he is sentenced to jail later this month. 

Marcus Griffith, who only received 25% of the vote when he ran against Maureen Walker for Comptroller, was sworn in as the next City Council President.  There was a deliberate and skilled attempt by Councilmembers Roberta Apuzzo, Yuhanna Edwards, and Marcus Griffith to block Richard Thomas and Deborah Reynolds from becoming City Council Presidents.

The last few years,  Mount Vernon residents saw a ping-pong match between Councilmembers Yuhanna Edwards and Roberta Apuzzo being installed as President of the City Council.  Councilman Yuhanna Edwards and Roberta Apuzzo have been Council Presidents for the last 5 years. 

Conflicts of interest do exist in the City of Mount Vernon and it is the standard and normal way of doing business in the City of Mount Vernon.  It is common knowledge the Mayor Davis and Roberta Apuzzo have been alleged to be having an extra-marital affair for years,  and Councilman Yuhanna Edwards may be mentally ill and unable to continue to serve.   On several occasions, especially during his campaign for City Council and Mayor, Yuhanna Edwards told stories of how he used to kill people in Vietnam while he was in war.   Such erratic behavior falls inline with people who are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).   Councilman Edwards must come clean and resign if he indeed in diagnosed with PTSD.  That could explain why Yuhanna Edwards never makes any sense when addressing the public at City Council Meetings.  Was Councilman Yuhanna Edwards exposed to agent orange while in Vietnam?

Mayor Davis' latest hand picked puppet picked to replace his alleged long time mistress Roberta Apuzzo,  is under Federal investigation for extortion and official misconduct.  Sources say that City Council President Marcus Griffith's wife rented out a school to host one of her for-profit events and was supposed to reimburse taxpayers for the rental of the school facility which is owned by the Mount Vernon City School District which is ultimately owned by City of Mount Vernon taxpayers. 

When a bill was generated and sent out to his wife for payment, City Council President Marcus Griffith, in a fit of rage, stormed the Business Office at the Mount Vernon Board of Education and demanded that the bill be "wiped away".  Several employees that were present during Council President Griffith's violent rage reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that Marcus Griffith even invoked his official status as a City Councilmember,  and even went so far as to say that when he is sworn in as City Council President, that there would be no cooperation between the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon City School District.  City Council President Marcus Griffith was in his official capacity as a Councilmember when he visited the Board of Education. 

Griffith’s troubles don't end there.  Griffith came under fire when investigators from Mount Vernon Exposed called a tenant that resides in a property he owns at 115 E. Forth Street.   The tenant described Griffith as a slumlord and says that he fails to provide adequate heat during the winter months.  Roaches and mice also are a severe problem in Griffith's building according to the tenant. 

Griffith was also cited by the FCC for having an illegal radio station broadcast from his building at the same location. 

The scary part is that Marcus Griffith will become Mayor in the event that Ernie Davis must resign or is sentenced to jail.  Mount Vernon is in trouble.

Send Marcus to jail with Mayor Davis, perhaps they can become cellmates and trade crime stories about how they ruined the great city of Mount Vernon. 

Monday, December 29, 2014



Maureen Walker Must Resign

Comptroller Maureen Walker continues to fool the people of Mount Vernon. Recently, Mount Vernon Exposed wrote an article explaining how Mount Vernon officials are hiding from the citizens, the removal of the library from the City Budget. The library is now a separate tax, and taxpayers should be receiving a City tax credit because the library with its millions in cost, comes off the city books. Instead, Mayor Ernie Davis, Comptroller Maureen Walker, and Councilpersons, Apuzzo, Edwards and Griffith, approved a 4.5% tax increase. When the separate library tax is factored in, Mount Vernon taxpayers will be paying an additional 13% more in taxes in 2015.

In her rebuttal, Maureen Walker never addressed the library, which was the main issue discussed in the article. Comptroller Walker is “in” on the fix to keep the Citizens of Mount Vernon uninformed. Maureen Walker, as financial watchdog of the City of Mount Vernon, should have been publicly explaining to Mount Vernon citizens about the tax con game that is being waged against them.  However, she has aligned herself so deeply with the people who are sucking the resources from Mount Vernon that she purposely leaves our citizens in the dark.  Please explain, Comptroller Walker, why the City budget contains raises for employees in your department, while you continue to force foreclosures on the elderly who cannot afford to pay these outrageous taxes?

Comptroller Walker also needs to inform the citizens of Mount Vernon, the details of a State audit of her payroll department that was so egregious, it led to the suspension of employee Marsha Simpson, and the forced retirement of employee, Greg Bowman. I will distribute the full details of this audit in which taxpayer monies were misappropriated, or outright stolen, when it is released by State Auditors later next month. As the head of the Payroll Department which is part of the Comptroller’s Department, Maureen Walker should resign, because the buck stops at the top. She has no clue how to manage her department and is using others as scapegoats for her failures. Maureen Walker spends too much of her time in City Hall monitoring her outside businesses via the City provided internet service, and not enough time managing her department.

Maureen Walker abused her power for Dave Jaikaran, a friend of her husband, Robert Walker. Jaikaran is the owner of a house being built on 413 S. 5th Avenue. The Comptroller lobbied several members of the Zoning Board to turn a blind eye on his house being built much to close to the lot line needed to obtain a Building Permit. She also manipulated Building Commissioner Warren to overlook the mandatory Zoning Board approval needed to issue the Building Permit. Sources reported that Maureen Walker promised Mark Warren to keep his Commissioner Job if she becomes Mayor when Mayor Davis goes to jail. Sources also reported that the Walkers would receive a hefty campaign contribution by Dave Jaikaran.

Maureen Walker has become a disaster as Comptroller. Ms. Walker purposely keeps vital information from the public. Her Comptroller’s office is mismanaged and is costing taxpayers millions. It is time for Comptroller Walker to resign, because she is the financial watchdog of a City with the worse finances in New York State. 

Friday, December 19, 2014




At a time when prices at the pump are falling, taxes in Mt. Vernon are set to rise by double digits if Mayor Davis and Comptroller Walker get their way. Three members of the Council - Griffith Apuzzo and Edwards - are also on board as rubber stamps to approve an effective 10.4 % tax hike for 2015.

Find time to attend the Council hearing on December 23 at 7pm to voice your outrage about the city taking the jingle out of your pocket! 

This is your chance to fight for what's in your wallet! Tell a friend and neighbor to join the demand for a tax refund! 

Mount Vernon’s Mayor, Comptroller, and some members of the City Council, are taxing Mount Vernon into financial ruins. If the proposed 2015 budget is passed, Mount Vernon will be hit with a double-digit tax increase. With this increase, Mayor Davis, and Comptroller Maureen Walker would have raised city taxes 30.6% in four years. 

Mount Vernon is one of the only cities in New York State that has opted out of the 2% or less tax cap, and has done so, 4 years in a row. The casualties of this destructive taxing behavior can be seen throughout the City of Mount Vernon. Property values have tumbled, common everyday services are not being provided, houses are crumbling, and homeowners are losing their homes in record numbers.

While citizens struggle to stay afloat, Mayor Davis refused to pay on his personal and property taxes. Mayor Davis by his own admission, has pleaded guilty on 2 misdemeanors which makes him a known criminal and faces incarceration in Federal prison, when he is sentenced on January 26th.

Mayor Davis has solicited residents to send letters to the sentencing Judge on his behalf, asking for leniency. However, he and Comptroller Walker have shown no leniency to residents who fall behind on their property taxes. Davis and Walker have foreclosed on a record number of taxpayers in the past 3 years. Sources have reported that personal friends of Maureen Walker have purchased foreclosed homes for little or nothing, while evicted Grandmothers were not offered a payment plan in order to stay in the their homes. They were thrown out in the streets.

Mayor Davis and Maureen Walker are asking for a 4.5%, 2015 tax increase. What he and Comptroller Walker are hiding from the public, is that Mount Vernon’s Library has been removed from the city budget, and is now a separate tax. Four Million, three hundred and fifty thousand ($4,350,000) comes off the city books. That was 5.9% of last year’s City budget, which should now be refunded to taxpayers. Although the library budget came off the city books, and should reduce city taxes, Ernie Davis and Maureen Walker proposed a 2015 tax increase. If you add the proposed 4.5% tax increase to the separate 5.9% library tax, you will realize that taxpayers will be paying 10.4% more in taxes next year. Davis and Walker are trying to keep the citizens in the dark.

Tax increases in the last 4 years under Ernie Davis and Maureen Walker, are 2012 (7.8%), 2013 (6.2%), 2014 (6.2%), and 2015 (10.4%). Therefore, our Mayor and Comptroller have hit the people of Mount Vernon with a whopping 30.6% increase in the last 4 years.

The 2015 proposed budget, consist of increases in pension cost. Pension cost is tied to the stock market performances 5 years prior to the budget year. Pension cost for 2015 should decrease, because of the rise in stock equities in 2010. It should continue to decrease for years to come, because the stock market has increased each of the last 5 years, and is in record territory. The 2015 budget also comprises of raises for Commissioners, and spending for unnecessary projects. Meanwhile, services in Mount Vernon continue to go down.

City Council members, Yuhanna Edwards and Roberta Apuzzo have voted for obscene tax increases, four years in a row. Marcus Griffith has voted for unnecessary tax increases, two years in a row. Since Comptroller Maureen Walker has taken office in 1992, she has never provided a solution to bring the budget down to an acceptable level. Comptroller Walker, the financial watchdog of Mount Vernon, has turned her back on the people of this city. She has remained silent while Mount Vernon taxpayers are being fleeced. Mount Vernon has the highest foreclosures and the worse ratio of taxes to property values in the State of New York.  Maureen Walker is the Comptroller and financial watchdog of a hemorrhaging city. Her performance is embarrassing, and she should resign.

Mount Vernon is in trouble. Some of our elected officials are driving its residents into financial ruins. We have a Mayor who may go to jail, a Comptroller who has joined forces with him to raid the coffers, and some City Council Members who are not protecting our city. Ernie Davis and Maureen Walker were elected to look after the best interest of Mount Vernon, but have pushed it to the brink of disaster.